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Limernaria is 42 kilometers from the town of Thassos.It forms a commune together with the hamlet of Kalives. This town rose in the 20th century to meet the housing needs of the workers in the mines and the inhabitants leaving the medieval village of Kastro. Kastro still stands on the mountain near the center of the island. A prehistoric settlement has been discovered near Kastro. After the downfall of Asia Minor in 1922, Greek refugees arrived from Turkey. This provided the town with life and new creativity. Limenaria is the second largest town after the town of Thassos.

The Villages Of Rachoni And Agios Georgios
These two villages are still inhabited and stand in the forest. The Theodoroudis Karapanagiotis family raised Mehemet Ali in Agios Georgios.

Skala Rachoniou
On the northwest coast of Thassos in a fertile plain blanketed in olive and pine-trees, the settlements of Skala Rachoniou and Pachi have sprung up in recent years. Skala Rachoniou is also the harbor for another village called Rachoni. The beach and seashore are stunning, the water shallow and crystal-clear.The inhabitants of Skala Rachoniou earn their living through olive production, agriculture, fishing, and tourism. Skala Rachoniou is a quiet village and an ideal place for those searching for quiet and relaxation.

The principal archeological site is found at the rear of the old port in Limenas. In the middle of the ancient Agora there was a court flanked by colonnades that were decorated with statues, altars and votive offerings. The ancient Conservatory was a place where music performances were held. Hercules, Poseidon and Dionysus's sanctuaries were the three most important holy places in Thassos. The ancient theatre has dominated the piney hillside since the 5th century BC; some sections date from the Roman times. On top of the hill the citadel towers over the site and you can marvel at the impressive remains of the foundations of Athena's temple. While going down along the southwest side of the wall, you pass through Silinos's Gate, Hercules's Gate, and Dionysusís Gate and further down through Zeus and Hera's Gates. At the archaeological museum, exquisite sculptures, ceramics, coins and pots dug up in Thassos are displayed.

The Archaeological Museum (Limenas)
Extensive collections of archaeological artifacts, gleaned from excavations carried out at various times, are kept and displayed in the Museum, regarded as being one of the most important in the Greek provinces. Important architectural elements, outstanding examples of pottery, sculpture, statuettes, terra cotta figurines of various periods, coins, relief plaques, amphorae and a wide variety of other vessels and objects permit us to form an idea of the institutions, life, mores and artistic tendencies of the islandís inhabitants during ancient times.

Ancient Agora (Limenas)
On the northeast side of the present- day town of Thassos, near the harbor and next to the Museum, stand the ruins of the ancient agora; they were brought to light in excavations carried out between 1948 and 1955. The agora consists of a vast level area, rectangular in shape, and lined on three sides with stalls which housed shops and storerooms. On the northeast side stood the administrative buildings and a row of cult buildings. Building on Thassosí agorabegan in the fourth century BC and was completed in stages up to the second century BC. It was the heart of the city, its cultural and commercial center, and the place where locals and foreigners met and transacted business. There are also remains of the Sanctuaries of Theagenes and Zeus of the Market- place. Another building in this area was the Sanctuary of Artemisor Artemision.In Roman times a monumental entrance- way was added. To the north is the Sanctuary of Dionysusdating back to the fourth century BC. To the north- west of the sanctuary stands the Theatre.A narrow street leads us to the fourth- century BC Sanctuary of Poseidon;with a circular wall surrounding a U-shaped alter. The present-day entrance to the ancient agora is in the Museum Square.

Military Harbor (Limenas)
Thassosí present-day small harbor was the ancient cityís military harbor. Two fortified towers and a marble wall protected it. From the harbor a stone-paved road led to the center of the agora. It was the cityís en-closedharbor; entry to it was forbidden to any ship with a register tonnage of less than 100.

Commercial Harbor (Limenas)
Located near Evreo-kastro,the open harbor was used for commercial purposes. Also remaining in the sea is a section of the breakwater, on the tip of which there was a defense tower. Both harbors of ancient Thassos were located outside the city walls, perhaps for security reasons.

Sanctuary Of Athena (Limenas)
On the summit of the second hill stood a sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Athena. All that remains today of the ancient sanctuary is a row of foundations.

Sanctuary Of Pan (Limenas)
Hollowed out of the side of the third and highest hill, near the summit, is an artificial cave: the sanctuary of Pan. A relief on the wall depicts the goat- footed god with his pipes.

Gate Of Silenus (Limenas)
Starting from the third hill is an ancient wall with various gates; among them are those of Parmenonand Silenus.The Gate of Silenusis outside the town of Thassos, at the junction of the roads to the village of Panagia and the beach of Makriammos.Nearby are some ruins of the neighboring Silenussettlement. In the Ionic style,it is Thassosí most ancient bas- relief. Two meters in height, it depicts Silenus with a thick beard and a horseís tail, naked except for a pair of high boots. People passing through the city placed offerings in a votive niche in front of his feet. The Silenus settlement stood near this gate.

Ancient Theatre (Limenas)
From the little harbor a stone- paved road leads to the ancient theatre of Thassos, on the north side of town. The sagacity of the ancient artisans and the refined artistic sense of the islanders ensured the fifth- century BC theatre was built in this natural concavity in the terrain, with a panoramic view of the sea, proof of the noble spirit of the Thasians regarding the arts and culture. The theatre seated 2,000- 3,000 spectators. Lysistratus the Thasian dedicated the proscenium, built in the third century BC, to Dionysus.Beginning in the first century AD, the Romans remodeled the theatre and used it for gladiatorial contests. Only the proscenium remained in place; its carved metopes depict favorite deities. Nowadays ancient tragedies are produced here every summer, reviving the ancient practice. Various musical groups also give concerts.

Acropolis (Limenas)
From the ancient theatre an unpaved road runs alongside the ruined walls, up to the acropolis, the first of a series of three hills whose summits form a sort of plateau, 137m above sea- level. It wasprotected by marble walls, and stood on top of the first hill. It was the site of the sanctuary of Pythian Apollo,which also served as the treasury, where the cityís riches were stored, and as the residence of the Hieromnemon,a functionary responsible for managing and safeguarding the public wealth...

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