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One of the nice things about traveling independently is that you have total control on when and for how long you take your holiday. The 7 day stays can now be 9 days, 12 days, 20 days or even more if you desire. Use your holiday time so that you get the most out of it.

Coming to Thassos is easy and can cost less than you think. Follow these simple steps to start planning your stay here:

1. Decide how long you can stay and what the dates of your stay will be. Remember, traveling independently means you can stay ANY number of days you would like. You are not limited to 7 or 14 days any more with independent travel.

2. Now that you have your dates, time to find your flights. For 2007, we find that GermanWings seems to have the best prices and flights direct to Thessaloniki Airport or Kavala Airport. If you can't find connections with German wings, then you should be looking for direct flights to Thessaloniki Greece. Forget about flights to Kavala unless you use German Wings, as you will find all others to be much more expensive. Thessaloniki is only a two – two and a half hour drive to Keromoti where you will catch the ferry to Thassos. The drive is easy and it means normally you will save a large amount of money over flying into Kavala. Money that you can use for a few additional cold beers during the game.
You will find more flight information listed below.

3. Now that you have found your flights, we will work on getting a Taxi or hiring a car from the Thessaloniki airport to get you to Keromoti. If you want a Taxi for one to four persons, the cost is about 100 –120 Euros for the trip to the ferry port in Keromoti. On the other hand, a car hire could cost as low as 50 Euro for that trip. Email several car hire agencies for prices, but always start with Potos Car Rentals (www.rentacar-potos.gr) who offers discounts for the Thassos bound traveler. You may want to rent the car for your entire holiday.

Another option is to take the bus from Thessaloniki to Kavala or Keromoti.

You will need to take a taxi from the airport to the bus station in Thessaloniki where you can catch a bus to Kavala. The cost of one (one way) ticket is about 15 Euros and the buses depart the station every hour from 06:00 till 20:00 everyday.

When you arrive in Kavala, you will have to do one of the following:

Depending on the time you arrive in Kavala, you have three options available to you.
1. On the other side of the port from are the regular ferries that run between Kavala and Skala Prinos. The cost will be about 3.50 Euros per person. Remember there are less ferries running between Kavala and Thassos, so try to know what the schedule is before you arrive.

Ferry Schedule

2. You can take another bus (about 3.50 Euro per person) to Hrissoupoli (Chrisoupolis), where you will have to take one more bus to Keromoti. This bus from Hrissoupoli (Chrisoupolis) to Keromoti will cost about 1,30 Euro per person and they leave the bus station every hour (last bus at 20:00).

Generally speaking, most all buses stop running about 20:00.

4. Now, the fun part, deciding where you will stay for your holiday. Just remember that accommodations can start for as little as 20 Euros for two persons and go up to over a 100 Euro depending on where you want to stay and when you will stay there. Remember May, June, Sept and October can be much less expensive than July and August.

Do you have any travel information that would be useful to other travelers? If so, send it to us. E-mail Us

German Wings      www.germanwings.com

Now the trick here is to find a low cost carrier from your local airport such as Easy Jet, Berlin Air and a number of others to Cologne - Bonn CGN or Stuttgart STR. You will then fly from there to either Kavala or Thessaloniki. There are daily flights to Thessaloniki but only a couple flights a week to Kavala. The prices are cheaper if you book as far in advance as possible and some times a last minute booking maybe a good deal as well.

From London- Stansted (STN), Edinburgh EDI and Dublin DUB you can find flights on German Wings to Cologne - Bonn CGN.


British Airways     www.britishairways.com

London Gatwick LGW to Thessaloniki SKG (other departure airports maybe available)

British Airways has a scheduled flight from London Gatwick to Thessaloniki everyday during the summer season. The flight departs London Gatwick in the morning and arrives Thessaloniki in the mid afternoon which should give you plenty of time to reach Keromoti and the ferry to Thassos.

Prices for 2007

The price, Economy (Traveler), for a single adult fare ranges from £138 (including taxes) up to £268 (including taxes). The low prices were spread all through the summer, even in the high season. The lower priced fares are likely to be gone soon, so start planning your holiday today. The more flexibility you have with your dates, to include length of stay, the better the chance to get the low fares.


Olympic Airlines      www.olympicairlines.com/

Olympic Airlines has flights to Greece, mostly to Athens with a plane change to go on to Thessaloniki or Kavala airports. There is a direct flight daily from the UK to Thessaloniki. The direct flight to Thessaloniki has the cheapest fare. Most of the flights arrive Thessaloniki either very late night or very early in the morning. This means night travel and possibly a hotel before you are able to arrive to Thassos.

The flights arriving to the Kavala Airport at 20:00, are many times late and you will most probably have to spend that first night in Keromoti. Even if it arrives on time, by the time you have gotten your luggage and make it to the port, you may have missed that last ferry for the night. When trying to catch the first flight out of Kavala, you may want to plan to spend that last night in Keromoti instead of Thassos. Again this is due to the ferry schedules. When planning your dates and accommodations, keep this in mind.

Here is a sampling of flights and cost using a few random dates. Traveling on the weekend tends to increase the cost of the fare, so best to stay with weekdays if cost is a factor.

Prices for 2007

Gatwick - Thessaloniki
* Depart Gatwick May 22 / Depart Thessaloniki May 31 (Fare £81 and Taxes 58.50 = £139.50)
* Depart Gatwick June 15 / Depart Thessaloniki June 22 (Fare £81 and Taxes 58.50 = £139.50)
* Depart Gatwick July 15 / Depart Thessaloniki July 23 (Fare £81 and Taxes 58.50 = £139.50)
* Depart Gatwick August 16 / Depart Thessaloniki August 23 (Fare £104 and Taxes 58.50 = £162.50)
* Depart Gatwick Sept 15 / Depart Thessaloniki Sept 25 (Fare £81 and Taxes 58.50 = £139.50)

Heathrow - Athens - Kavala
**Depart Heathrow May 22 / Depart Kavala May 30 (Fare £169 and Taxes 101.90 = £270.90)
**Depart Heathrow June 15 / Depart Kavala June 22 (Fare £129 and Taxes 101.90 = £230.90)
**Depart Heathrow July 14 / Depart Kavala July 24 (Fare £179 and Taxes 101.90 = £280.90)
**Depart Heathrow August 14 / Depart Kavala August 22 (Fare £148 and Taxes 101.90 = £249.90)
**Depart Heathrow September 15 / Depart Kavala September 25 (Fare £179 and Taxes 101.90 = £280.90)

*  Direct Flight
** Change Planes In Athens



Thomson Fly      www.thomsonfly.com

UK to Thessaloniki
Thomson has six scheduled flights from the UK to Thessaloniki every Monday starting 1 May with the last scheduled flight on 9 October. The flights depart from:
London Gatwick
London Luton
Nottingham East Midlands
Look carefully at the arrival times to Thessaloniki, as most of the flights arrive late and will mean an overnight somewhere before you can arrive on Thassos. This also means your holiday can only be in increments of 7 days.

UK to Kavala
Thomson also has three scheduled flights from the UK to Kavala every Sunday starting 7 May with the last scheduled flight on 8 October. The flights depart from:
London Gatwick

Prices for 2007

We regret to inform you that at the time of research (January 5th, 2007), no available flights to Greece could be found through Thomson for this year. This does not mean that they do not or will not exist, please take the time to check for yourself.


Excel Airways      www.xl.com

Has two scheduled flights from Manchester and Gatwick to Thessaloniki every Thursday from 24 May with the last scheduled flight on 20 Sept. (from London) and 4 Oct. (from Manchester). The two carriers used for the flights is Monarch Airlines and Jet Air. Both flights depart England in the morning and arrive Thessaloniki in the afternoon which should give you plenty of time to reach Keromoti or Kavala and the ferry to Thassos.

Prices for 2007

The following are single adult passenger fares from Gatwick to Thessaloniki for 2007 as posted on the Excel Airways web site on 5 Jan 2007. There is one available flight every Thursday through the summer season.
May June July
24 31 7 14 21 28 5 12 19 26
£228 £173 £185 £202 £177 £228 £253

August September
2 9 16 23 30 6 13 20
£253 £287 £202 £190

The following are single adult passenger fares from Manchester to Thessaloniki for 2007 as posted on the Excel Airways web site on 5 Jan 2007. There is one available flight every Thursday through the summer season.
May June July
24 31 7 14 21 28 5 12 19 26
£253 £182 £194 £211 £185 £236 £262

August September October
2 9 16 23 30 6 13 20 27 4
£262 £296 £211 £199


Air Tickets Greece      www.airtickets.gr/registration_en.asp

This site may find you some good flights. It is best to have airport codes when using this site. You will want to use this site to try and find flights to Thessaloniki. To find a good list of airport codes, just follow this link: www.world-airport-codes.com

Here are a few codes.
Athens ATH
Thessaloniki SKG
Kavala KAV

Heathrow LHR
Gatwick LGW
Manchester MAN
Stansted STN
Birmingham BHX
Glasgow GLA
Edinburgh EDI
Luton LTN
Belfast International BFS
Bristol BRS


Opodo      www.opodo.co.uk

This site lets you choose a place of departure and place of arrival and checks availability with many airlines for the dates you have chosen .

Other sites that maybe worth checking out are for flights are:

Flightline      www.flightline.co.uk

Expedia      www.expedia.co.uk

Travelocity      www.travelocity.co.uk

Ebookers      www.ebookers.com

TravelBag      www.travelbag.co.uk

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